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Tuesday, 07 May 2002

Okay, I made my final editing pass over the insurance story, then posted it for the local group. Tomorrow I get to start on something new, probably the new version of the hospital story. After going through my idea folder, though, there are some other ideas that have grabbed my attention. I may go with one of them.

Jackie and I lifted weights today. That's our fifth workout in a week and a half, so we're right on track with our nominal schedule (after a couple months in which we barely worked out at all).

My brother and I have been writing haiku in Esperanto under the pseudonym "Istvan Bierfaristo" for several years now. My brother recently devoted way too much time and effort to producing an Istvan Bierfaristo web site, all about the man and his work. It's entirely in Esperanto, of course, but even non-Esperantists can appreciate the photography and the simply beauty of the written language. If you follow the "Varoj" link you can buy Istvan Bierfaristo mugs and t-shirts. (Surely you have better things to do with your money.)


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