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Saturday, 25 May 2002

Jackie's mom Barbara is visiting. We're going to all go together to Greenville, where my mom is visiting her sister, then bring her back, so we'll have two mothers visiting. That'll be fun.

This morning was something of a dud, though--Barbara's luggage hadn't made it on the plane with her and we ended up waiting around until after noon for it to be delivered. (First they said they were putting it on the truck at 8:00 and that it would be here by 10:00. Then they said by 12:00. Mind you, it's about a fifteen minute drive from the airport to our apartment. Anyway, the it was only a little after noon when it arrived, but it still meant that the morning was shot for getting anything else done.)

I actually did get one other thing done--I picked up a rental car for the drive to Greenville. I had reserved a full-sized car, which I thought would be more comfortable with four adults with luggage. What I got was an Impala. It's brand new (just 371 miles) and maroon. Clarion 2001 grads will remember a certain red Impala with fondness, and now I get to drive one. It's not an SUV, but it's as big as one.

This evening we watched "Almost Famous," another wonderful, highly accurate story about the writing life.


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