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Sunday, 02 June 2002

I went for a run today. It's my second run of the year, but long enough since the last for it to seem more like a first run. I was expecting my typical early-season pathetic run, but it wasn't! It was very nearly a good run. I guess the extra walking Jackie and I have been doing for our warm-ups actually did me some good.

After running Jackie and my mom and I all went to the Fitness Center to lift weights, then hurried back home to watch the Sabbath gasbags talk about war between India and Pakistan. (Worried as I am about the FBI's new policies endangering liberties in the US, I'm more worried about the risks of nuclear war, so I was a bit annoyed at how little there actually was about South Asia.)

After that there was just time for "Buffy" reruns (second episode of season three) before heading out to my writing group meeting.

So, it was a busy morning. The afternoon was less busy. I picked up a copy of Rebel Without a Crew, a sort of a diary of the making of "El Mariachi" by Robert Rodriguez, and I've been reading that. It's very interesting.

Early tomorrow morning I take my mom back to the airport. (Barbara heading home yesterday.) It's been great having moms visit.

I haven't done any writing (except that one mini story written for For a few days it was a good break, but it's been too long now. I really want to get back to writing.


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