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Friday, 07 June 2002

I talked to my boss and arranged to take some vacation time as soon as I wrap up my current task. I actually have a bunch of vacation time; I should have taken a vacation long ago. We don't plan to go anywhere. We'll just stay home and rest and exercise and do the work we choose to do. Life should be like that.

This year's Clarion starts Sunday. Much of the Clarion class is probably already on the road; most of the rest will be heading out today or tomorrow.

I don't envy them, exactly. I wouldn't want to do Clarion again; it wouldn't be the same. But still....

If you've been in plays, or participated in any kind of group effort to put on a public performance (music, sports, etc.), you know about the feeling that binds together the cast and crew. Being part of a bunch of people working hard for a shared goal feels good. It's one of the big attractions that makes all the work seem worthwhile, right up there with the applause.

For me, Clarion was a unique version of that. Not exactly the same, because we were all working hard on our own stuff. But it was kind of the same, because we were working together, too.

It's nearly bed time, and yet it is still light outside. That's perfectly normal, being as it is only two weeks before the solstice. But it has snuck up on me this year, because we had such a long, cold spring.

No exercise today, it was a rest day after several days of either running or lifting or both. No writing either. I just did some bookkeeping stuff on my desktop machine. We have a busy day planned tomorrow, though: the Farmer's Market, running, lifting, and we're supposed to go sign the lease for our apartment for next year.


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