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Wednesday, 17 July 2002

[Statue of woman at a bus stop]

I'm on vacation.

That is, now I'm on vacation. I was at work today until 6:00, trying to get my task handed off. It wasn't really quite done, although I'd finally managed to get it almost working. But now I've got this short vacation to go to the Clarion reunion, and when I get back I'll have less than a week to prepare for my trip to Singapore, and then I'll be in Singapore for a week.

So, I've been busy and now I've got three more weeks of busy-ness.

Jackie and I had lunch on Tuesday at Bo Peep's. She had kept the car to run errands in the morning and then walked home after lunch leaving the car with me. I walked the first ten minutes or so with her before heading back.

Right near Bo Peep's we saw this statue of a woman waiting at a bus stop. It hadn't been there the last time we walked that way. I suspect it took some getting used to by the bus driver.

We're pretty much all set to go, thanks to Jackie's hard work. I'm bringing the digital camera. If I get any good pictures at the Clarion reunion, I'll post them.


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