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Friday, 20 September 2002

I wrote some on my novel. Not very many words yet. I'm still searching for the right starting point.

I'm probably worrying too much about the starting point. I'd do better to just jump in and start writing. If it turns out that I've started a chapter too early or two late, I can fix that later. The main thing is to start making headway.

I've heard a lot of advice about writing novels (just as I have about writing in general). Some things made sense, others didn't. The one thing that resonated with me most strongly was to write what you're most passionate about. This story is one that captured my interest and has held it. It's just the sort of thing I like to read.

I'm on vacation! Of course, I'm going back to work on Monday, but just for one day, and it'll be for a class, so somewhat different from my usual work.

My main focus is going to be on the writing, but I also want to get back to getting enough exercise. I want to run or walk every day and lift every other day, preferably first thing in the morning. Then sit down and write.

Jackie and I got to the Fitness Center twice this week, so we're not starting completely from scratch.

Tomorrow, though, the very first thing is the Farmer's Market. The woman from Moore Farms said they'd have lamb.


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