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Monday, 23 September 2002

What an excruciating class! Not that the topic wasn't something useful, it's just that the class was on using a particular statistical method as part of a process, and the teacher didn't actually know any statistics. Even that would have been okay, except that he wouldn't just say, "Sorry, I'm not a statistician, I'm a instructor who's just been trained to teach this class." Instead he tried to hand-wave away the questions he couldn't answer, which was annoying and insulting.

I was a bit wound up after class, edgy almost to the point of jumpiness, actually. So, Jackie fixed me a large, strong drink when I got home. That was nice. I don't drink much, so one large, strong drink is actually enough to get me noticeably drunk. That's fun to do now and then.

Lacking time for serious writing, I decided the most useful thing I could do was think about my story. There's a second character whose own story I haven't thought through very clearly yet. I know how he functions in the main character's story, but he's got his own story and I haven't gotten it figured out. So I mulled that over for a bit.

Tomorrow--and the whole rest of the week--it's back to the novel.


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