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Tuesday, 15 October 2002

I have been writing too little. However, it is different from last week when I was writing too little and feeling bad about it. This week I have been writing too little and enjoying it very much.

I've read a lot. I read the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which is wonderful. I'm reading one of the Sandman books. (I bought a lot of the Sandman comics when they were current, but I was just buying them off the newsstand and ended up missing an issue or two here and there, so it's nice to have a whole story intact.) I'm reading Sir Apropos of Nothing, which is a satiric fantasy adventure story, and am enjoying it as well.

I've also been watching TV and videos. Jackie and I rented "The Invisible Circus," which is kind of an odd story about a girl who wants to learn the truth about her older sister who went to Europe and ended up killing herself. It wasn't a great movie, but was an interesting story. We also watched "Queen of the Damned," which had its moments, but was no Buffy. We've also been watching Buffys (only four episodes left from the season 2 set of DVDs, and season 3 doesn't come out until January).

I ordered a digital video camera. I've always liked the idea of making movies, but haven't made any since I was 11 or so and made a couple with my Dad's 8mm camera. The past couple of years at work we've had a little film festival. Even before that I'd been keeping an eye on DV cameras, which have been steadily getting better and cheaper. And I've been saving money. Anyhow, I finally reached the point where it seemed silly to wait for the cameras to get any cheaper, so I went ahead and ordered one. That'll be fun.

Jackie and I have been doing our weight lifting.

Despite having been generally lucky with my muscular-skeletal system, in the past few years I've had bits start to hurt. So far, I've been able to adjust things to eliminate the problem. My plantar fasciitis went away when I started being really careful choosing my shoes. When my back starting getting stiff and achy, I started doing back exercises and stretching.

Whenever we get lazy, though, and don't get our lifting in, my back starts to stiffen up again. Good incentive.

I've been sleeping oddly--waking up early some days while sleeping late on others. The late days are easily explained by the fact that the sun isn't rising until after 7:00 AM now. Naturally, this means that I don't want to wake up until 7:00. It won't get better until roughly March, so I deal with it as best I can.


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