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Sunday, 15 December 2002

Went to a Chambana Speculations meeting, our first since late August. It was great to get together again. We caught up on the latest news, and read another fragment of a story-in-progress that's shaping up really well.

After that, Jackie and I bought our Solstice tree. I failed to get the branches trimmed back far enough, so that turned out to be harder to get into its stand than necessary, but I'm still happy with the tree. A small blue spruce, just the right size for a small apartment. Rapuznel curled up underneath the tree, a little furry present. I got some pictures, but they don't really do her cuteness justice.

[Photo of our hedgehog nativity scene]

Here's a picture, though--a bit from our hedgehog nativity scene. That's Mary in the blue shawl, the baby Jesus, and Joseph (in the coat of many colors). Far left there's a sheep salt-shaker as a barnyard animal.

I tried to make a minor configuration change in my home network and screwed something up. It took most of the afternoon to recover, so that was a big waste of time. I am back up on the net, though. Think "all's well that ends well."

I'd fallen way behind on my short sf and f fiction. It'll take a long time to catch up (may be impossible, in fact), but I've decided to start with the 2003 magazines (January and February seem to already be out). I've made considerable progress already.

We've got the spirit of the season here.

Oh, and don't blame us if the sun doesn't come back.


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