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Monday, 30 December 2002

I haven't written much for about a week, but this evening I finally finished going through the story that's next on my rewrite list. I think I see the flaws now. Figuring out just how to fix them is something else, though.

This story is pretty good in terms of having good pay-off points. The problem is in setting them up.

I'll work on it.

I also had a good idea for a new story and made some notes. It's got some promise.

Champaign-Urbana is a great place to live. I like just about everything about living here. One exception, though, is that CU is just about the worst place I've ever lived for clearing sidewalks after it snows. Business and individuals do a fine job of clearing parking lots and driveways, but they not only don't clear the sidewalks, they pile up barricades of plowed snow across the sidewalk each place a driveway crosses it. As an avid pedestrian, I hate it. I'm sometimes tempted to take direct action against the worst offenders.

Today, though, the situation is a bit eased. A warm front moved through last night, pushing the temperatures above freezing for most of the night. Jackie and I went to the Fitness Center this morning, and the snow had melted enough that we could take our usual warm-up walk outdoors.

The New York Times has a good update on the health benefits of drinking alcohol:

A drink or two a day of wine, beer or liquor is, experts say, often the single best nonprescription way to prevent heart attacks--better than a low-fat diet or weight loss, better even than vigorous exercise.


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