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Thursday, 02 January 2003

I'm a little under the weather today. I started feeling sick in the afternoon. I'm feeling a little better now, so maybe I'll be able to fight this thing off. Anyway, I'm drinking plenty of fluids and will go to bed early.

On BoingBoing a couple days ago there was a link to some 1950s-era Polish propaganda posters. Some months ago, he had posted a link to some WPA-era posters from the US.

I like poster art. I like the way they accomplish so much with a limited color pallet. I like the stark graphics. Looking at the Polish posters, though, it occurred to me that the Esperanto movement needs posters like these. I want to make some propaganda posters for an Esperanto movement that never was, posters from an alternate universe where Esperanto needed messages like "Loose lips sink ships" or "Stop! Your fingers won't grow back."


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