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Sunday, 12 January 2003

Saturday afternoon I did the first big chunk of filming for my movie. I got the bulk of the outdoor scenes. Sometime next week or the week after I'll get the indoor stuff. There are a few odd scenes (opening credits and a short montage in the middle) that I can get any time--they only have one character in them at a time.

Filming went pretty well. All the actors did a good job and gave me every shot that I asked for, so if I can't put together just what I was looking for, it's because I either didn't know what I needed, or else failed to ask for it.

It was very cold yesterday, hard on all the actors (who spent a lot of time standing around, despite my best efforts to arrange things so that people could leave as soon as all their scenes were done), and hard on me, because I really couldn't operate the camera with a mitten on. Sunny, though, which helped the images on the video come out nice.

Season three Buffies came out last week. We've been watching those.


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