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Sunday, 02 March 2003

Friday I made good progress on my task at the day job. It's fun to be successful.

Saturday was okay, although I mostly frittered the day away.

Today was less good. I left the car headlights on yesterday, so the battery was dead. Still, it wasn't a major trauma. I called AAA, got a jump, and then we went for a Sunday drive to charge the battery up. Then I spent the afternoon doing the taxes.

I keep my financial situation simple. I don't invest in municipal bonds, I don't have any trust funds or limited partnerships or anything weird like that. Even so, it took five or six hours to push through all the stupid stuff I needed to do. Every time I do my taxes I think: that's it--I'm never voting for an incumbent again.

We lifted weights on Friday, for the first time in a couple of months.


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