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Saturday, 15 March 2003

Had a good day with my dad and Katy visiting.

My cold is better, although still persisting. It didn't keep me from getting out though.

It was kind of damp and chill in the morning, but we headed out anyway. Katy and Jackie wanted to go to the Ag school's open house. For the past several years Jackie has done a spinning demonstration for that even, but she was just a spectator this year.

My dad and I decided to go to the Engineering open house. I've always heard great things about it, but always assumed that it would be pretty ordinary, so I'd never gone before. I'd say I was right. There was stuff that was fun to see, but not much that was worth the effort of actually going.

We parked at my office, then walked to campus town, went to the open house, then the bookstore. Jackie and Katy did their thing. We all met for lunch at Za's a campus town restaurant. Za's is pretty good. They do hot sandwiches or personal-sized pizzas.

After lunch we hurried to Parkland College. They have a small art gallery which Jackie and I donate money to. (Parkland College calls you a "patron" if you donate $50. The UofI's Krannert Museum wants $500 to call you a patron. I don't think $50 even makes you a "friend" of museum. Passing acquaintance, perhaps.)

Their current exhibition is spectacular. Highly recommended, if you live in the area.

Tomorrow we're planning on getting the Sunday New York Times and hanging out at a coffee shop. (We haven't picked one yet. Maybe Cafe Kopi.) Depending on the weather we'll do that either before or after going to the arboretum.


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