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Tuesday, 25 March 2003

A little writing today, the rewrite I was working on earlier.

I really need to get to my writing almost every day, rather than the once or twice a week I've been managing lately.

I'd also like to put some time into my Esperanto. I'm at the point now where, I think, a couple weeks of serious study could improve my Esperanto capability quite a bit. I'd like to do that. I'd also like to do some fiction writing in Esperanto. I don't want to take time away from my fiction writing to work on those things, but maybe if I'm not writing anyway, it would be a reasonable way to spend time I'd otherwise spend watching TV or something.

On the other hand, this evening I watched the Nova show on dirty bombs. That was well worth watching, both from an informed-citizen aspect and as fodder for future fiction.

You know what the best thing about lifting weights is? It's the days when you don't lift weights. Sleeping in three or four days a week provides a thrill that sleeping in seven days a week just doesn't.

Getting stronger is a close second, though.

Jackie and I lifted weights this morning. After several months of lifting only occasionally, we've been going regularly again for about a month now. My muscles are starting to show the effects. That's satisfying.


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