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Sunday, 30 March 2003

The new website is live. If you spot any broken links or anything, please let me know.

[Photo of a tree down across the path]

Jackie and I went out for a walk around Kaufman Lake. It's gotten chilly over the weekend, but was briefly sunny when we decided to go out.

My plan was to get a nice "spring" picture to put on the website, and got a couple that might have been okay, but I liked this one better. This tree is down across the path where I run, most of the times I go for a run.

I don't know if I've mentioned that my brother Steve has been keeping an on-line journal. It's about his family and his work. With most people, I'm inclined to distinguish between their "day job" and their real work, but with Steve there's a lot of overlap. (Although I guess even all that doesn't cover everything: homebrewing and his Esperanto-language anti-war haiku really fall more into the category of hobby than work.)

He's been updating more regularly than me, lately.

Today was a rest day.


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