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Tuesday, 08 April 2003

I did do the editing pass over my story, fixed a few typos, cleaned up the places where I had such a good turn of phrase I'd accidentally used it twice, etc. Jackie read the draft and asked a couple of questions that I could answer in the text, so I did that. Then I delivered it to the writing group. With luck, they'll be able to read it for this Sunday's meeting.

That was it for writing news. After that, Jackie and I watched an old Buffy on video.

I finished up doing our taxes over the weekend. We're getting a largish refund. I've been over-withheld for six or seven years, ever since the year when we sold our house and ended up owing a bunch of money. I'd wanted to be sure that didn't happen two years in a row (the IRS gets grumpy about that), but had meant to fix it after just one year. Finally got around to it today.

We did lift today, but I couldn't bestir myself to go for a run. Too cold and grey outside. It's supposed to warm up over the next few days, though, so I'll be out again soon.

The weight lifting is going well, though. After the first of my long breaks last fall I'd dropped all my weights 20% or so. All through the winter I wasn't going often enough to make any gains, but now I'm getting stronger at a pretty good clip. It'll continue to be easy as I regain lost strength. Then it'll get hard, but that's okay.


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