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Sunday, 04 May 2003

There's a story in my local paper about people putting a thin magnetic strip reader over the card slot of an ATM machine, and then a small camera positioned where it can watch people enter PIN codes. It's an obvious ploy, but I would have thought it would be expensive enough, and difficult enough to make work, that it wouldn't actually happen. Surely people who could get something like that to work could make a living doing something useful.

Registered for WorldCon. We're going up to Kalamazoo two weeks before that, to go to the Michigan Fiber Festival. (That's textile fiber, not dietary fiber.) We thought about combining them into one long trip, since we'll already be half-way to Toronto, but decided against it. One reason is the cat, who would have to be boarded for more than three weeks. Instead, we'll do two trips and come home in between.

Aside from that. . . . Lifted. Went grocery shopping. Planned to go to a movie, but got lazy and used the threat of severe weather as an excuse to stay in. Watched Buffies. You know: the usual.


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