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Tuesday, 06 May 2003

I went for a run this morning. It was 2.5 miles, same as my last long run.

One advantage of being as out of shape as I am is that 2.5 miles is a long run. That means I can get my long run in reasonably quickly. (In addition to not running very far, I also run very slowly, so it takes me about 30 minutes to run 2.5 miles, but that's still quick enough that I can fit the run in before work.)

I felt great during the run. If I'd had time I might have been tempted to run farther. I felt great after the run, too. This evening, though, my knees are a bit sore. Unless they're all better, I'll skip weight lifting tomorrow. Either way, I'll take a day or two off running.

I feel like an unworthy journaler lately. It seems like all the rest of you have been more productive and leading more interesting lives than I. Worse, you're being more self-reflective and your postings are more honest and more personal than mine.

And yet, the answer clearly is not for me to be more self-reflective. I suppose being more productive would help, as would doing something more interesting.

Today, though, I think I'll just go to bed early.


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