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Monday, 16 June 2003

Tuesday is my birthday. I'll be 44.

No writing today. A very busy day at the day job, trying to nail down everything I need for the trip to Copenhagen. A slightly shaky start this morning, but things came together. As I said, though, very busy. Came home in need of a rest.

Other trip preparation is mostly done. Picked out clothes to pack, stuff like that.

My cold is mostly over, except for a nagging cough. It's still bad enough that I didn't try to go for a run, which I figure would just aggravate it. I'm sad though, because the running had really come together in the days before I got sick, and now I'll have been set back quite a bit. It'll be okay, though. I'm bringing some running clothes and shoes on the trip, so I'll run in Copenhagen.

Poor Jackie will be alone on her birthday. The plan had been for her to come to Copenhagen with me and we would celebrate her birthday there together. But that didn't work out. So, we'll have a joint celebration tomorrow, and then another one when I get back.

I have to work tomorrow, but we'll open presents before that, get together for lunch, and then go to a movie in the evening. The plan is to go see "Bend it Like Beckham," which looks like a lot of fun.

Fireflies! Jackie just looked out the window and saw fireflies. So, that's the end of this entry. We're going to go take a walk and visit the lightning bugs.


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