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Wednesday, 09 July 2003

Cell phones are great.

Jackie and I finally got cell phones a few months ago. We hadn't gotten them earlier, because we really didn't need them--when we're not together I'm usually at work with a phone and she's usually at home with a phone. But when I travel on business I carry a cell phone and it's been really handy, so we finally caved in and got a pair of them so we could each carry one.

Today was one of those days where they really came in handy. Jackie kept the car to run errands. I expected that I'd need to work a bit late. So the plan was that I'd send a text message when I was done. I did just that, except that a storm was going through (so I sent "Done. Come get me when weather permits."). But at just about that same moment, they issued a tornado warning.

It's easy to get blase about tornado warnings in these parts. There are a lot of them and most of them result in damage that only affects other people. Still, this one seemed to be headed right for us.

Jackie called from the library, to say that they were headed for shelter. That was good, because it eliminated the urge I'd have otherwise felt to stay by my phone in case she was already en route and would arrive at the building but have no way to get in. The bunch of us working late at the office gathered in the designated shelter. Once the warning expired they let Jackie out and she came and got me as planned (after calling again for a report on how bad the flooding was in the vicinity of the office.

I checked the news and haven't yet head of where, if anywhere, the tornado hit. It seems to have missed us.

Not much other news. A rejection in today's mail. I'll get that story back out shortly. I've been doing a bit with Esperanto, something I'd like to spend more time with but which takes second place to my writing.

Jackie and I should have lifted this morning, but skipped it out of laziness. I did run, though, 2.5 miles.


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