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Thursday, 14 August 2003

No writing today, at least, no fiction writing.

Early in the morning, I went for a run on the trails here behind the house. By running on up each spur along the trail as far as the edge of the neighbor's yards, I managed to put together 2 miles. I could have managed 2.5 miles, but the last spur turned out to run up to the other side of the house here and I couldn't quite make myself turn around and run back. But 2 miles is fine.

After my run, Dad and I went to West Hills, their local fitness center. Jackie and Katy were off for another class, this one on dyeing wool using brazilwood. I did pretty much my regular workout, so that was good.

[Vultures on a dead tree]

There are some sheep pastures that must have a pretty high mortality rate. At least, that's our theory for this population of vultures. They roost in this dead tree over night and hang out for a while after dawn, warming up, and waiting for the fields to warm up so that there are some thermals for soaring. We stopped by on the way to West Hills and I took a few pictures.

Worked some more on Dad's computer. We ordered a new battery. Maybe that'll help. We did some rough initial work on web site design, but haven't actually created the files.

By mid-afternoon we were tired of that work, so we went out to the driving range and hit golf balls. I've never done such a thing before, but did well enough. I wouldn't have any success if I played golf, but perhaps I could avoid actually embarrassing myself.

We walked on the Kal-Haven trail, just a mile or so.

Tomorrow more work on the web site and I'll try to do some writing.


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