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Sunday, 24 August 2003

My local writer's group, Chambana Speculations, got together today to critique my latest story. I got some great comments.

I wrote this story with an eye toward submitting it to the next volume of Polyphony, which opens for submissions about the time I'll get back from WorldCon. I'll do some rewriting between now and then, and then get it off promptly.

I've not done any other fiction writing to speak of. I've looked at and thought about several of my unfinished stories, but nothing really speaks to me. Maybe I'll start something new.

I have done some non-fiction writing, working on a couple articles and essays that I've been planning to write for a long time. One is about how very low interest rates can save the world. Another is an Esperanto-language article about the place of national Esperanto organizations in the internet age.

I've been keeping up with the running and lifting pretty well. The runs haven't been quite as much fun, so I've been doing them a bit less often. I think it's just the heat, though.

In related running news, I've registered for the Allerton Park Trail Race. It's Sunday October 26th.

Theodora Goss slyly slipped some big news into her journal.


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