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Friday, 29 August 2003

I've been much too busy to journal, and I can't stir up much interest for backtracking and trying to fill in everything we did Wednesday and Thursday, except to say that we drove from Champaign to Toronto. I will say that we spent Wednesday night in Port Huron, which seemed like a nice town, and had dinner at the Quay Street Brewing Company, which had great beer and good food.

Thursday evening was Genevieve's BBQ. Lots of folks were there: Clarion classmates Karina, Thomas, Rick, and Corie, as well as Lister. There were several people people I'd never met before, but had heard of, including Sarah Jane Elliott and David Nickle. I got some pictures and will put them up after I get home. (I didn't bring the cable I need to get the pictures from the camera to the computer.

Today I went to panels. The stand-outs were definitely the readings by China Mieville and Cory Doctorow. I kind of enjoyed the panel on issues in translating sf and one called "Imbibing Engrams" on the future of designer drugs.


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