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Saturday, 13 September 2003

A good writing day. I got 1300 words written on a new story. It's about half done, so I expect it to come in around 2500-3000 words. I'm pretty pleased with it tonight, although I've noticed that I'm often less pleased with stories first thing in the morning. We'll see.

I got a rejection on one of the stories I had out, but turned the ms right around again, so I've still got five out.

I discovered that an Esperanto-language article that I wrote, "Dolaroj kaj eŇ≠roj grandbilete," is up on the website of Monato, the monthly news magazine that published it. That's cool! Back in 1999 they were only putting up a subset of articles. I checked shortly after it was published and noticed that my article wasn't one of them. But apparently in 2001 they expanded and started putting all the content up on their site. I didn't notice until today.

And that's not all! You know how some dictionaries, such as the OED, include quotes from actual, published work to show how words are used, both as an example and as an authority for the definition? Well, there's an on-line Esperanto dictionary, the Reta Vortaro, that is trying to do the same thing in Esperanto, and that is using on-line sources for its quotes. They used my article as a exemplar for the use of a word! (It's a pretty obscure word in Esperanto: emisi/i, which means to issue or emit.) Anyhow, that makes it doubly cool.

I did a 5-mile run this morning. The weather is starting to get cooler, which helps.


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