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Sunday, 05 October 2003

It's been a busy weekend. We had the first frost of the year, so we went to the farmers market, figuring that it would be our last chance for a lot of the vegetables. We also lifted. I ran both Saturday and Sunday. I did some stuff for ELNA. (A couple weeks ago, I agreed to be on the membership committee.)

Throw in a bit of reading, and basically, that stuff used up my whole weekend.

It wasn't a bad weekend, though. I got stuff done and had some time to relax.

On Friday I got something working at work, which is nice. It may or may not be a satisfactory fix for the problem, but I have a working example that we can test and decide, so I'm reasonably confident that I won't have that problem hanging on as another thing to work on while I'm getting ready to go to Frankfurt.

I have been thinking just a bit about my spicy zeppelin story: I've realized that it needs to involve a restored French monarchy and that the Dauphin needs to be a character.


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