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Wednesday, 19 November 2003

Avg Pace13:00
Best Pace8:30
Event Distance1.042 miles

I got my new toy today, so I had to go out for a short run, despite it being late. I ran just over 1 mile. I didn't run my usual route--it was dark and there are no lights around the lake. I just ran up and down Springfield. I don't think I'll do that much in the future--too much traffic pulling into and out of parking lots.

My new gizmo captures vast amounts of data. My average heart rate was 128 beats per minute in the first half of my run (when my average pace as 15:37 and 140 beats per minute in the second half (when my average pace was 10:40). It also has all sorts of alarms--it will tell me when my heart rate is above or below whatever training zone I set it for, and can also be set to beep every mile (or any other distance I want).

I expect to have no end of fun with my new toy. It's already served its purpose in a small way--I wouldn't have gone for even a 13-minute run, if I hadn't gotten it. My hope is that playing with my new toy will get me out to run even when it's cold or wet.

No writing today. Between playing with my new toy and watching "Angel," there wasn't any time.

In news of other people's writing, though, Karina reports a sale to Summoned by Destiny! A hardback, no less. Go Karina!


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