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Friday, 12 December 2003

No writing of late. I was feeling a little burned out. Decided a short break was in order.

After writing a couple pages of screenplay, I'm not sure that's the story I ought to go with. There's a bit of exposition that fills in some backstory pretty efficiently. Trying to cover all that in a screenplay, where you'd have to have people talk about it, wouldn't move the story along. I'm sure it would be doable, but maybe it would be better to go with a story that wouldn't present that particular problem.

So, I'm brainstorming new ideas for a screenplay.

I've also got to finish polishing my zeppelin story. (That's the number one thing I'm procrastinating on. The screenplay is number two.)

Our Firefly DVDs came! We've watched the episodes on the first disk. Seeing them now in the right order, it's obvious to me that airing them out of order was a terrible mistake. What a great show! Too bad it didn't get nurtured a bit more.

I ran on the treadmill at the Fitness Center. Ran 2.76 miles, split roughly in half with a session of lifting in the middle.

A coworker is in a group that runs on Saturday mornings. If I can bestir myself out of bed tomorrow, I'll see if I can't brave the elements and run with them.


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