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Wednesday, 17 December 2003

Wrote just a bit, maybe 250 words. Some action and some description. I'm almost to the big confrontation with the bad guys.

We watched one of the two Firefly episodes we hadn't seen. It was good.

Took the car into the shop and got $800 of work done. There's another $200 to do, as soon as the parts come in. I'm glad to pay it, though, to keep such a good car running. New brakes was half of it, and you don't want to skimp there.

Busy at work. There's a daily meeting to be covered and I got tagged to do it one day a week. Fortunately, my first day would be Christmas Eve, which is a holiday, and my second would be New Year's Eve, which is not a holiday but which I'm taking as vacation.

Couldn't lift this morning because of taking the car in. It's the plan for tomorrow.


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