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Friday, 09 January 2004

It's the usual story. I haven't been journaling because I haven't been writing. I haven't been writing because I'm discouraged about what I've got to work on. I'm not satisfied with the zeppelin story. I've been thinking about a screenplay to write, but don't have any ideas I'm excited about.

The "no ideas" thing is unusual for me. I've generally got plenty of ideas. But I've been focusing on short stories for so long that I seem to have forgotten how to come up with novella-sized ideas (which is about the right size for a screenplay). I'm sure it's not a permanent condition, but it's been a little discouraging.

Anyway, I got back to work today, doing some minor edits and trying to work up yet another new version of the climactic scene. I'll wrap it up this weekend and get it off.

Other than that, it's the usual wintertime blues. Back at work. Not exercising enough. Holding up okay, though. My dad gave me a full-spectrum floor lamp for Christmas that I've been using in the mornings for light therapy. Hard to say if it's helping.

We finished Firefly episodes a while ago and have now finished all the commentary as well. (The commentary on the Firefly DVDs is excellent. There's lots of good stuff about story-telling, along with lots of interesting anecdotes about things that happened during filming.) We also finished the season-5 Buffies (although we've still got some Buffy commentary to watch).

Clarion classmate Genevieve Kierans has started a blog. She has interesting things to say. I added a link to my links page.


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