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Wednesday, 14 January 2004

The zeppelin story is off to All-Star Stories. Glad to have that done. As long as I was printing submissions, I also got another story back out to a new market. And I managed to do it before my last previous sub came back, so I now have three stories out. I've got a couple of other stories (well, four, actually) that ought to get out to markets, but I think they'll have to wait for the weekend.

So, I've now cleared the decks for working on my screenplay.

I have no idea what my screenplay is going to be about. But it doesn't seem to want to be sf. It seems to want to be a sort of action/thriller with maybe some high-techy sort of stuff, but not really sf.

I haven't decided, though. That's the next step. I'll decide what the story should be, sketch out a plot outline, imagine what the trailer might look like (to make sure I've got some great scenes in it) and then write the screenplay itself.

That's the plan.


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