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Sunday, 18 January 2004

So, maybe not not writing a screenplay. I thought I was. I meant to. But I don't seem to be doing it. Just no screenplay ideas.

I suppose I might yet. But, in the absence of a story to start on, I suppose I'll just get back to my usual writing. I've got a couple of rewrites waiting, and a couple of story ideas. I'll pick something and start on it tomorrow.

Maybe that'll shake loose a screenplay idea.

[Photo of me and Steven as children, eating suckers]

My aunt Wilma gave my mom a bunch of pictures, mostly of my mom as a girl or teenager, but including this one of me and Steven. I don't remember this picture being taken, but I remember those suckers, and I also remember the shorts I'm wearing, covered with all different kinds of cool pockets.

My dad says the picture was taken in front of the house on Huron Street, the house I grew up in.

We got to the Fitness Center on Saturday. I ran 1.8 miles on the treadmill and then lifted weights.

Other that that, I mostly frittered the weekend away. Played some computer games with Steven. Jackie and I went to see "Paycheck," which was pretty good, and "Underworld," which wasn't. Read a bit. Watched a Buffy episode. Stuff like that.

Now I need to get to bed, if I'm going to wake up in time to lift weights in the morning.


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