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Monday, 16 February 2004

My brain insists on thinking about stories, even when I don't have time to write.

It's actually coming up with some pretty good stuff just lately. Without time to write, I'm just mulling things over. With any luck it'll go ahead and gel into a full-fledged story in my brain. Some of my best shorter stories have worked like that--gotten all figured out before I wrote anything down, to be written down all at once, as fast as I could type, as soon as I had a few minutes to do the typing. It hasn't happened yet with a story of substantial length, but maybe this time.

Still busy at work, but the Wednesday deadline I mentioned an entry or two back is coming right up. Maybe after that I'll have a bit more time. Today, though, I put in nearly 12 hours.

It hasn't been as cold as earlier, but sidewalks that weren't cleared (which is most of them, except in the apartment complex and on campus) have been too icy for running. It's supposed to warm up, though, over the next couple of days and then stay warm through the end of the week.

If it gets warm enough to clear the sidewalks, I'll be out running. I'll bring running clothes to the office and then run in the late afternoon.

Prairienet seems to be back. I'm once again receiving mail sent there.

So far I have been busy but not really stressed over work. I've been feeling productive and successful, which keeps the stress level down. This entry, though, was written in the middle of the night after I woke up from a dream about software and couldn't get right back to sleep. Always a bad sign, both those things.

I'll see if I can't get back to sleep now.


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