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Saturday, 21 February 2004

I can sit still. I'm also prone to fidget from time to time, but sitting still is something I do pretty well; it just sometimes takes me a while to settle down.

I don't dance, except occasionally with Jackie.

Jackie dances. On cloudy mornings she does a sun dance to bring the sun. She dances when there's music. She dances like a little girl--swinging her arms around, twisting and bending, taking little steps or big steps. One time we were in a restaurant where there was live music and a little girl, maybe five or six years old, went up to stand in front of the band and started bending and turning and twisting her hands in the air and I nudged Jackie and said, "She dances just like you!" Jackie had already noticed.

My dad didn't like fidgeting. He'd tell Steven and me to sit still. Then I saw a science news report that compared the metabolic rates of thin people to fat people and found that (one specific group of) fat people had lower metabolic rates--with the difference attributed primarily to less fidgeting by the fat people. I enjoyed telling my dad about that.

I wrote today! Not vast quantities--about 600 words--but I wrote and I enjoyed it and I've got a story coming together. I also walked to the grocery store with Jackie and got juice and a paper, took Jackie to the Fitness Center, where we lifted weights, and took her out to lunch. In the afternoon I played StarCraft with Steven (and we crushed our computer opponents).

I didn't go to the office today, and I'm not planning on going tomorrow. I needed the break.


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