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Wednesday, 03 March 2004

My last bit of work on this other team seems to be coming together, so I'm expecting to be able to shift back to my usual team next week as planned. There may be a few odds and ends to tie up, but I think all the work of any substance will be done.

I'm beginning to make plans for the time when I'm a bit less busy. I've got a rewrite sketched out. I want to write something new. In mid-March my mom and brother are coming to visit. We're starting to get some spring weather and I'm hoping to be able to get in some outdoor exercise. (It was warm enough to get out and run in the morning before work on Monday, I ran 2.4 miles. It's kind of early in the year to count on overnight lows over 40°F, though. We just got lucky that day.)

I'm ready.


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