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Tuesday, 09 March 2004

After seeing Cory Doctorow's list, my brother challenged several people to write a "What's in its pocketses?" entry and posted his own.

Here's mine:

My Palm III is only in my pocket on the way to and from work; at the office it sits on my desk. It was a gift from Steven and my mom. I wouldn't have bought one for myself. It turns out, though, to be really handy. I miss many fewer meetings than I used to, and I almost always have people's phone numbers and email address when I want them.

I've got a Motorola V120. Of course it's a Motorola phone. Jackie has one just like it. I didn't get a cell phone for a long time, because I really didn't need one, but it is handy. Like most luxuries, it was a lot easier to wait five years after everyone else already had one than it would be to give it up for a year now that we've gotten used to it.

That's it for gadgets in my pocketses. I do carry a key ring with a pretty small number of keys (I pare down the keys in my life ruthlessly). Fortunately, the only key I need for work is one small key that unlocks the desk and cabinets in my cube. To get in the office itself my badge doubles as a key card. It sometimes goes to and from the office in my pocket, but I usually wear it around my neck when I'm at the office. Because Jackie is a sweety, I have a beautiful, hand woven, blue-and-teal silk band as a badge holder, instead of the polyester things my coworkers have to put up with. I usually carry one Sacagawea dollar and one quarter in my pocket, in case I want to buy something out of a vending machine or park at a parking meter. (Most machines take dollar coins now.) Back when I drank sodas I used to carry two dollar coins, but now I end up carrying the same coin back and forth for week or more. But it's handy when I need it.

I have a Canon PowerShot S330 digital camera that took most of the pictures you see on this site. I don't carry it around much, unless I'm planning to take pictures. About the only other gizmo (though it definitely doesn't fit in my pocket) is my old G3 iBook which saw good service at Clarion.

Jackie went to a guild meeting today. I frittered the evening away unproductively.


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