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Sunday, 14 March 2004

Got some good writing done today. I finished a draft of the rewrite I've been working on. It's changed enough that I want to let it sit overnight and make another pass through it before letting anyone else read it, but it's very nearly done.

Besides the writing, I spent some time going through my music on iTunes. I sorted all the songs by play count and made sure the ones I play most often had high star ratings. Then I modified my "underplayed" playlist music and listened to some music I haven't hard much lately. (I now define "underplayed" as a rating of at least 4 stars, play count less than 10, and not played in the last 8 days.)

Oh, and Jackie and I did lift weights this morning, although my own workout was pretty wimpy. I ran on the treadmill yesterday, before going to the workshop. It's been hard to fit in outdoor runs so far this spring. It sometimes gets warm enough in the midday, but it's hard to squeeze in a midday run on a workday. It's usually too cold in the early morning and is already too dark to want to run outside by the time I get home.

Since I'm on vacation, I'm hoping that I'll be able to get some midday runs in this week.

Marissa mentioned that she'd read one of Doris Egan's Ivory books. That got me started poking around on Doris Egan's website where I found a link to Tightrope Walker, a livejournal she seems to keep when she's on hiatus between TV seasons. Lots of good stuff about writing for TV. One bit I found interesting is about writing a story where the power comes from a character going against type. This sort of story can work fine as an episode in a well-established series, but is simply unsuitable as a stand-alone story--it takes so long to establish the baseline expected behavior that there just isn't room to have what amounts to a whole 'nother story with the character behaving "wrongly."

Steve and mom made it as far as Indianapolis, then decided to stop for the night. They're expected by mid-morning tomorrow.


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