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Monday, 22 March 2004

Way behind in journal writing. Been busy spending time with my family. On Thursday Mom, Steve and I drove down to Greenville to visit aunt Wilma and Uncle Keith. Friday we walked around Meadowbrook park and looked at the statues, then went to the Verde Cafe and used their wireless internet. Now they're on their way home.

Actually wrote that a couple of days ago, then didn't get around to posting an entry.

This morning, Jackie and I spotted a kite caught in the power lines outside our apartment building. While I scraped frost off the car windows, Jackie went back in to call Illinois Power. Tried to tell them about the kite (string hanging down low enough for a child to reach, blowing around just a little in the almost still air). They're not interested. When her name doesn't match the subscriber name for our account (which, I guess, is in my name) they want her social security number! To report a kite caught in the power lines.

Jackie told them she was too busy to answer more questions and hung up.

When she got back, there was an Illinois Power crew just finishing up after taking the kite down, so they did at least do that much. But we remained outraged that they couldn't just take a report of a kite and be done with it. It's only going to get worse, though. Soon they'll be asking your weight, who you voted for, and how often you have sex before they bother doing their job.

Back into the swing of things at work. It's okay.


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