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Monday, 05 April 2004

Too long between entries.

Haven't been writing. Have been exercising, though, so that's good. Got in a couple workouts at the Fitness Center; went for a bike ride; ran 2.4 miles yesterday and today. Saturday we walked on the new labyrinth at Crystal Lake Park. (I took a picture, but it didn't come out well enough to be worth posting. Just understand that it isn't a maze to be solved but rather an intricate design on the ground that is to be followed as a meditative exercise.)

Been reading the Golden Age books by John C. Wright and enjoying those (despite the way over-long lectures). Also reading Jennifer Government by Max Berry, which is fun and funny.

Jackie and I rented the second season of "Alias" and have been watching those. That's eating up the time I should be spending writing, so I need to cut back and put in some time on the computer.

Still, I'm enjoying life. It's good to be getting enough exercise again. (The weather is finally cooperating.) Work is work, but I'm feeling successful, so that's good too.


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