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Saturday, 10 April 2004

I finally did some writing today. Not a lot of words (although I'm happy with the words I did get down). More important, I had some ideas about how my story ought to go that got me over the part where I'd gotten stuck.

The story I was working on was the robot story (the one where I actually had the title first, a rarity for me).

Today was the day of the Greencastle Fleece Fair at the Putnam County Fairgrounds in Indiana. Jackie and I have gone every year for several years now. The event is kind of like a county fair without the rides and with the livestock limited to animals raised for their fiber (sheep, goats, angora rabbits, llamas, alpaca, etc.). The other big draw is the vendor booths where you can buy fiber and tools for working with it.

Jackie bought two fleeces, one an Icelandic lamb fleece that I picked out for blending with Rapunzel's fur (we've been saving combings) to make me a scarf.

As usual at any fiber-related event, we ran into many of Jackie's friends there. Last year one suggested that I was there to keep Jackie's purchases under control, only to have another friend say, "Are you kidding? He's an enabler!" I'm afraid that's true.

When we got home I went out for a run. I ran the 4 miles that my plan calls for (actually 4.08 miles in 48:27 for an average pace of 11:53). I was pretty tired after that.


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