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Saturday, 29 May 2004

Jackie and I went for a long bike ride today, about 19 miles.

It was a lot like the ride we took two weeks ago, except instead of going at lunch times and bringing a picnic, we went early so we could fit in a longer ride, and then went to Quizno's and got sandwiches. We swung back by the office to eat them. (There's a nice patio behind the building with tables and chairs.)

After lunch, Jackie headed home on her own, because I needed to attend a conference call about an urgent problem at work.

I begged off attending tomorrow's call, on the grounds that tomorrow's our anniversary. Jackie and I have been married 12 years.

I brought a sketch pad, and while we were at Meadowbrook, I did a little sketching. There was even one that I was not completely dissatisfied with. I'd thought to scan it and post it here, but I haven't gotten a chance. I may yet get to it.

I spent much of the day with Jackie, taking a bit of time out for some StarCraft with Steven and a short walk over to Champaign Cycle to get a bicycle bell (I hadn't had one before), a new helmet (the pads that adjusted the sizing in my old one were coming apart), and a new cyclometer (old one quit working a while ago). I think I'm about set with bicycling stuff now.

Tomorrow I plan to spend the day with Jackie. We'll want to go lift, because the Fitness Center will be closed on Monday. I'll probably get in a run, even though that part won't be with Jackie. She encourages me to get my exercise, though. We have reservations for dinner.

On today's ride we brought along our TalkAbouts (little Walkie-Talkies), so we could talk while riding single file. That worked pretty well. I know Steve has TalkAbouts as well. We should both bring them on our upcoming trip.


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