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Monday, 12 July 2004

I arrived at Toby's house around mid-afternoon, having left at 7:30 in the morning. It was an easy drive. Indianapolis was no problem at 9:30 or so, and then I-75 comes through before Dayton, so there weren't really any other cities I needed to go through.

I met David Barr Kirtley, who seems like a great guy.

We had Mexican for dinner with Toby's wife Emily, then came back to the dorm and took time for an hour or so of throwing a frisbee--much needed exercise after all that driving.

After that we sat down to write in the lobby of the dorm, and did write for a bit, but quickly found ourselves in conversation and ended up spending the evening talking about writing and writers. (Toby has lots of inside info on writers, both well-known and no so, picked up at the many cons he goes to.)

I've stayed up too late, and still have to make my bed before I can get in it.

More tomorrow.


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