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Wednesday, 08 September 2004

I've about finished adding new text to the providence story. It's grown to 4900 words (up from 4100 when it was critiqued). I hope to cut some, but I probably won't end up shrinking it much, as I also want to explore the character's thinking in association with his various actions, and that will probably take as much text as I'll be able to cut out of it.

The earlier drafts had been set in no particular place. I've decided that was wrong. It works for some stories, but this one, I think, will be stronger grounded in a real place.

It's not done, but it's getting close. Maybe just one more evening's work to finish it.

I went for a run this afternoon after work. I hadn't run in about a week, so I was all rested up. I ran hard, and managed to do my 3-mile course in 30:02. I'd rather have done it in 29:58, but the difference is well within the measurement error in the length of the course, so I'm willing to claim I ran three 10-minute miles.


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