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Saturday, 30 October 2004

I'll spare you the details of my cold--it was pretty ordinary: sore throat one day, cough the next, etc. Today I'm just about all better, except for a stuffy/runny nose which isn't much worse than with allergies in the spring and fall anyway.

I would provide some details of the week, except that it's all a blur. I'd get up early, decide that I was sick enough to stay home if I didn't have an urgent deadline, then decide that (given the deadline) I wasn't too sick to go in. I'd work steadily until 6:30 or 7:00. I'd come home, eat a late supper, watch an episode of Angel with Jackie, and go to bed.

I do remember a few details. One night (Wednesday, perhaps) there was a dense fog when it was time to come home. I remember walking through the half-empty parking lot (plenty of people work later than me). The parking lot lights lit up the fog in odd, complex shapes. The air was wet and almost warm, soothing to my sore nose and mouth and throat.

Today was nice. I did almost nothing--StarCraft in the morning with Steven, Mongolian BBQ at Fortune House with Jackie.

Happy Halloween!


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