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Friday, 31 December 2004

Happy New Year!

I'm thinking about wrapping up this journal. The past couple of months I simply haven't been very interested in posting anything to it. These past few days I've even been writing and still haven't felt like posting to it. In any case, it hasn't been motivating me to write, so it's not really serving its primary function any more.

I haven't made a final decision. If I feel like posting, I will. But lately, I haven't.

Wonderful weather today--warm, with some sunny bits. I went out for a run in the late morning. I only went 2 miles, but it was still a good run. Since I can't count on more days as nice as this until late March, I need to get started running on the treadmill at the Fitness Center, if I'm going to be able to run any of the early season races. (In fact, if I'm going to be able to run at all in the spring.) So, that's a thing to do.

Sat down with Jackie and started working on a website for her, to showcase her textile arts. It's not posted anywhere yet, but I'll link to it when it is.

Did other webby stuff today. My hosting service upgraded to Apache 2 and changed a config value that broke all my Esperanto pages. Found a workaround for that, so I think they're all okay now. Started thinking about how I might change my website if I decided not to have the journal.

Just writing an entry reminds me of some of the things I like about the journal though.

I ordered a new printer last week, which would have been delivered yesterday, except we were out. UPS took today off, though, so now I don't get it until Monday. My old printer, a Brother HL-1440, started printing a dirty grey background on every page. It's apparently a common problem, and the only fix is to buy a new drum, which costs about as much as a new printer. I'll let you know how the new one works outt, once I get it.

Oh: I should mention that the "tomorrow" and "yesterday" links break across year boundaries. Tomorrow's entry, if there is one, will be 2005-01-01.


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