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Friday, 11 February 2005

It's easy to pack light when you don't need to dress up and you can reasonably predict the weather. If either of those isn't true, then packing light is pretty much not going to happen. In our case, it's the former that isn't true.

Jackie's mom bought us a cruse! We're in San Diego and will set off tomorrow morning for the tip of Baja California and two cities on the Mexican Pacific coast. Jackie's mom will also be on the cruse, as will my mom! So, it's going to be a great family get-together, in addition to a great trip.

For the cruse, though, I need to bring a suit and a sport coat. That's very nearly a small suitcase all by itself. So, we checked 3 bags, in addition to a carry-on each. It's at least double what we normally pack, maybe triple. Still, the big win of a cruse is that you don't have to pack up to move, so the extra luggage won't be a burden.

Both moms have arrived; we had a good dinner, and have made non-plans to meet tomorrow (probably run into one another at breakfast, otherwise when it's time to get the bus to our sightseeing and then the ship).


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