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Monday, 11 April 2005

No writing, but a good bit of exercise over the weekend.

Saturday we went to the Fleece Fair, as we have for the past three or four years. Jackie was very restrained in her purchases, getting one hand-died roving and 20 ounces of a blend of baby camel and marino which was very soft and a very pretty camel color.

[Photo at Turkey Run]

After that we went to Turkey Run State Park in Indiana, which is not too far from Greencastle where Fleece Fair was held. I've been to Turkey Run several times--I remember going there was I was six or so, and I'm not sure if that was our first trip or our second--but I've only a couple of times in the last ten or fifteen years, despite it being barely a two-hour drive from Champaign.

Jackie and I had lunch at the Inn, then hiked on several of the trails, making a point of hitting most of the more rugged ones. The term "rugged" gets thrown around quite a bit on state park trail descriptions--some parks seem to use it for any trail that isn't wheelchair accessible--but Turkey Run's rugged trails are legitimately rugged. They're very pretty as well.

Jackie and I did around 5 miles all together on various trails before heading home.

Earlier in the week I did several 3-mile runs. Because of the fleece fair and the hiking plans all I could fit in on Sunday was a 2.5-mile run early before we headed out, but that added up to 11.5 miles for the week. Next week I'll try to fit in a 4-mile "long" run together with the same 3-mile "regular" runs.

Sunday we went for a bike ride of about 20 miles. It was a great ride on a great day. We stopped about three-fourths the way through to drink some root beer and shop a bit at Pages. I picked magazines on trail running, bicycling, and backpacking.

Today I was back at work. My ankles were a little tender, so I took the day off from exercise. If the weather is nice tomorrow, though, I'm sure I'll get a run in.


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