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Thursday, 31 May 2001

I'm nearly ready!

Things went pretty smoothly at work. It looks like I'll be all done with half a day to spare. That's about right. If I'd had more time I'm sure they'd have found something else for me to do. Any less time and I'd have been too stressed out. As it is, I'm kind of able to relax.

Jackie and I went to a party this evening. A pair of my coworkers got married a couple weeks ago. Now back from their honeymoon, they threw a party for coworkers and their families. It was a great party, and a welcome distraction from my preparations.

Packing is about as far along as is possible, given that there are lots of things I'm bringing that I use every day. It seems to be under control.

Jackie has been helping out a lot, taking care of an infinite number of little things that I'd otherwise have to take care of.

No writing. No exercise. We will get to the Fitness Center tomorrow, though. And I might even run, depending on time and the weather.


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