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Friday, 01 June 2001

I'm done with the day job for six weeks! This will be very different from anything I've done in twenty years. I've been working at one job or another pretty much continuously since the fall of 1981. Not that Clarion won't be a lot of work. I'm a bit daunted at the prospect of reading (carefully, probably more than once) and critiquing four or more stories per day as well as trying to write at least a story a week.

I understand from the materials Mary Sheridan sent that there are ethernet hookups in the dorms. However, I understand from Clarion journalers past, that it usually takes a day or two to actually get access to the net from the dorms. So, I may not be updating the journal for a few days.

Now I'm going to finish up packing and then spend the rest of the evening with Jackie.


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