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Wednesday, 02 January 2002

Done, finally! I finished the mummy story! The best title I could come up with is "Powers that Be," but that's okay. I put a copy up on the Chambana Speculations site and sent the group email to let 'em know it was there.

I also wrote up another of the critiques for Sunday's meeting. So, it's been a productive evening.

I've never really been limited by a lack of ideas for stories, but I did used to sometimes sit thinking about what to do next. Now I have a long list of things to do next. First, of course, is the requested rewrite. But after that I have at last two other rewrites I need to get to: one story that got a few on-line critiques from my Clarion classmates that needs some work, and one Clarion story that I've never decided how I want to approach. Before those last two, though, I think I want to write another new story. (This one I've just finished has been in the works so long it's been feeling like a rewrite lately.)


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